About Naga MC


The poetry society first became aware of Naga, when he entered the London wide Slam Championships (organised by the Mayor of London) in 2005. He showed great initial promise as both a writer and performer and was taken under the wing of the Poetry Society to nature his clear talent.

His focus and art have steadily improved over the years and he has shown continual and sustained commitment to the London Slam team - participating in a number of writing workshops and performing at various events from City Hall to numerous festivals across London.

In 2009, Naga attended workshops with Joelle Taylor and wrote an entry for the national slam championships, SLAMbassadors UK. This entry was judged at the BBC by Benjamin Zephaniah, Joelle Taylor and Scroobius Pip - and he was elected out of 265 young poets and rappers as one of 6 UK winners. In November, that year he met with Joelle Taylor and Benjamin Zephaniah for a master class weekend at the Poetry Society and performed alongside us for the BBC that evening. Since that incredible win (the only boy who made the final, and the only one working in a rap/beatbox format) he has met with artists from South Africa, participated in a workshops with and performed live with South African poet Laureate (Kehopetse Khogsisilie/Brere Willie), in the process learning about life under apartheid and his relationships with Nelson Mandela. He has also been invited to feature at this year’s World Cup celebrations, and appears in a short film made for Japanese BBC.

Naga is currently working on his upcoming 'ROADS' EP, due to be released on iTunes this year! He has toured with the Asian Dub Foundation performing in countries across the globe and recently featured in an urban horror movie ‘Comedown’ as gang leader Naz. (Available on DVD & Blu Ray) - also check him out in the 21st Century Shakespeare drama 'Flea' on BBC iPlayer.

His talent is obvious, but it's his intelligence and commitment that mark him as particularly special and a young artist who deserves all of our support. He is an absolute credit to Oaklands, his previous secondary school and an ambassador for UK youth arts.